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Email Response Management System Software Features
     Efficient e-mail response processing:
      -Workload distribution, message locking
      -Multiple security roles
      -Pre-response templates
      -Flexible Routing Rules

     Better Customer Experience:

      -MIME Decoding/ Encoding Support
      -Threaded conversation technology
      -Internal notes
      -Optimized full-text search engine

     Empowering Reporting
      -Message events
      -Response time
      -User statistics
      -Queues statistics

     Reliability and Flexibility
      -Scalable 3-Tier Architecture
      -Web-based hosted solution
      -Quick and easy set-up

     Intuitive and Customizable
      -User friendly interface
      -Easy integration with other CRM solutions
      -Customizable designs

 Unprecedented labor savings!

Workload distribution
The system distributes the messages sent to generic mailboxes such as sales@, support@, info@, etc. to the relevant customer service representatives. A message locking system ensures that each customer request is handled by one representative at a time, thus precluding duplicated work.

Multiple security roles
Customer service representatives are added to a permission group with a certain level of privileges. Users are required to authenticate themselves to the system. Each user may belong to one or more permission groups.

Pre-response templates
By making use of pre-response templates stored in the system, customer service representatives are able to instantaneously respond to all inquiries.

Flexible Routing Rules
Customer service supervisors can easily modify inbound email routing rules, ensuring that each inquiry is handled by the most appropriate agent.

 Gain customers, Improve Customer Relationships!

MIME Decoding/ Encoding Support (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
The system supports attachments, multipart messages, and HTML-based messages, and correctly displays each message as intended by the message sender.

Threaded conversation technology
This is a key feature that archives all inquiries in a customer's history, thus ensuring accurate two-way communications and driving down response time, while boosting customer satisfaction.

Internal notes
Customer service representatives can attach a note to each message. The attached notes can be used to store information about the progress of the problem resolution, the actions taken, etc. The recipients never see the notes, which are kept for internal use only.

Optimized full-text search engine
Agents can perform instantaneous searches of all archived customer messages.

 Empowering Reporting!

Message events
Track what users have viewed the message, which queues it has been in, and more.

Response time
The customer supervisors can track employee and department performance.

User statistics
View statistics for each individual user or show stats for all users, such as the number of messages replied to, viewed, or escalated, the processing time, and more.

Queues statistics
View statistics for each queue or show stats for all queues, such as the number of incoming/outgoing messages, rates of incoming/outgoing messages, and more.

 Reliability and Flexibility!

Scalable 3-Tier Architecture
The machResponse system is built on the .NET architecture which allows load-balancing of the middle-tier to enable the system to scale its performance according to your company's needs.

Web-based hosted solution
Lower administration costs and effective support for remote customer service teams. We handle all backups, product upgrades, and hardware resource allocation.

Quick and easy set-up
Quick deployment gets the system up and running in no time. Our support team is ready to answer any question or concern that you might have.

 Intuitive and Customizable!

User-friendly interface
Achieve time-savings and cost advantages over your competitors by taking advantage of the
easy-to-learn and user-friendly interface, designed to provide quick response to your customers.

Easy integration with other CRM solutions
machResponse is easy to scale with the growth of your business. Invest in the future by getting an application that can be easily integrated with your other CRM solutions.

Customizable designs
We have incorporated various design customization options that the merchant can easily operate to create the look and feel that best fits his company's identity or pre-existing image. NO HTML KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED.


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